Two students weigh in on alcohol on campus

The idea of alcohol being permitted on campus is something that seems to create controversy for various reasons amongst people. Everyone has an opinion on it and as far as my opinion is concerned, I think that alcohol should be permitted on campus. In fact I’m surprised that it hasn’t already been allowed. Unfortunately there have been a number of reasons why alcohol has yet to be “legal” on campus. As someone from Oregon, it seems a big part of the equation has to do with the fact that this is the South and it has a long and well known history for being very strict when it comes to laws and regulations with the selling of alcohol. Some people may grow up with the attitude that alcohol is bad and should be avoided. While there is nothing wrong with that mentality it does however create a controversy between those who do enjoy the consumption of alcohol and those who do not. One of the reasons that this topic has been coming up frequently around campus is because of the football team. The idea of having a football team has caused for some people to want alcohol to be allowed on campus and to be sold at the games. I agree with this idea because people should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want to enjoy a beer while watching a football game.

–Written by Brad Almand, a Contributing Writer


Mercer has been a dry campus, from the beginning of its existence. Though there are so many pros and cons to having a dry or a wet campus, the ultimate thing that we need to think about is, why change something that works? There are several individuals on this campus that elected to come to Mercer, because their morality indulged in the title “dry campus.” Some people may argue that Mercer is stuck in the past and that the university must progress. It would be more accurate to say that Mercer is stuck with its tradition, but the university finds ways to compromise with its students. Though we are a dry campus, there are still opportunities for of-age people to go downtown, or anywhere off-campus, to do what they please. Mercer is so understanding of this that they even provide a free trolley service on the weekends. This off-campus outlet is important, because it allows of-age students to drink if they want to, it helps regulate underage drinking, and it keeps alcohol and the consequences of it away from people that do not want it. Now that we have football, this controversy has become an even bigger issue. Not only do we have to remain a dry campus to the students but also to the thousands of people attending games. Just like Mercer Village is technically off campus, maybe the university should consider naming the stadium an off-campus location.

–Written by Sameera Yusuf, a Contributing Writer