New T-shirt business opens in downtown Macon

New T-shirt business opens in downtown Macon
2013-07-26 12.00.43
Patrick Hobbs / Cluster Staff

T-shirt shop Dysfunctional Tees-n-Things opened for business on July 26 on Second Street. Business owners Synja Turner and Tylina Swinger, both Wesleyan College graduates, started their own business to offer customers pre-made, novelty and custom T-shirts.

Going into business together was a no-brainer for Turner and Swinger. In an email interview, Turner and Swinger said, “With two owners you have someone who is just as committed to the business, and all the responsibilities are shared, which relieves so much stress.”

As first-time business owners with previous experience in retail, the name of their store gives a unique first impression. The syllabication, or phonetic pronunciation, of the word dysfunctional by design attracts attention and leads potential customers to assume the name of the store reflects the unusual yet creative nature of the products sold.

Also, the name of the store derives from a children’s book called Dysfunctional Family created by Synja Turner. She wanted to be able to display her art from the books onto T-shirts.

Their pick of a downtown location was meant to make their store more accessible to a wide range of clientele and in part was due to downtown’s recent growth.

“Also, with Mercer’s football team and new businesses deciding to be located downtown, (it) makes downtown Macon the place to be,” Turner and Swinger said.

Their motto “U Think It, We Make It!” represents both Turner and Swinger’s devotion to providing the customer with whatever they wants. Dysfunctional Tees-n-Things offers pre-made shirts and custom designs, and customers have the option of bringing in an original design or having one created in the store.

Anything you think of can be customized onto a T-shirt at Dysfunctional Tees-n-Things. T-shirts, hoodies, gym shorts, mouse pads and more are also available.

T-shirts and other apparel can be individualized with a particular sorority, fraternity, or other club/organization’s name on it.

Pricing depends on design factors as well as quantity, color, size and the date it’s all needed by. Pre-made tees are around $20 and custom designs begin at $25.

Bulk orders are offered, and turn around times range from a few minutes to a week. There is no minimum requirement for bulk orders and no set-up fee.

Besides T-shirts, Dysfunctional Tees-n-Things sells novelty iPhone cases, jewelry and hats with more products expected to hit the shelf soon.

Every Monday-Wednesday from 4 p.m.-7 p.m., the store offers a happy hour special of 10 percent off any T-shirt, or you can bring a friend and get a buy one, get one free deal.

All college students love a good discount, and Dysfunctional Tees-n-Things wants to help by giving college students 10 percent off.

In addition, if you like and share their Facebook page and provide a snapshot, you could receive 10 percent off your purchase. However, discounts cannot be combined with other offers or special promotions.

Dysfunctional Tees-n-Things is also looking for a part-time public relations intern with the potential of getting hired full-time.

Dysfunctional Tees-n-Things will be open Monday-Friday from noon–8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.