Don't miss out this week


A freshman entering college can easily be overwhelmed by the chaotic frenzy of events happening on campus. In order to organize a chaotic week, The Cluster has made a list of the top 5 activities and events freshman shouldn’t miss out on.

The first event is Bear Fair on Monday, Aug. 19 from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. Not only do students learn more about student organizations on campus, restaurants, and the city of Macon, but students also get loads of free stuff. Students usually leave Bear Fair with bags full of T-shirts, candy, stickers, cups and a bunch of other goodies. Bear Fair is an opportune time to mingle with other students and meet new people.

Another event on our Top 5 list is the Block Party, which will take place on the intramural courts in the University Center.

“One big thing that we’re doing as a part of Bear Beginnings this year is a street party. It got rained out last year but this year we are doing it on the IM courts so that we don’t have to cancel it,” said James Hullet, a member of the Orientation Leadership Team. “We’re doing that from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and then showing the movie Accepted at 9 (p.m.) and serving pizza.”

Explore Greek Recruitment is an event aimed at freshman students, as well as upperclassmen, to learn more about Greek life on Mercer’s campus.

“Greek recruitment is valuable for freshmen because it gives them the opportunity to join an organization that will be their home and family here at Mercer. You make friends with your classmates as well as many upperclassmen within your first few days of school,” said Emily Minch, president of Mercer’s Panhellenic Community.

A major part of Mercer’s student culture is volunteering, which is why the “Volunteer Fair” is on the Top 5 list. Mercer’s volunteer organizations, such as LEAP (Local Engagement Against Poverty) have a strong local presence within the Macon community and are dedicated to addressing the needs of those living below the poverty line.

The event takes place on August 23 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Number four on the list isn’t particularly an organized event, but a visit to the Academic Resource Center is highly recommended for incoming students.

The ARC is devoted to five disciplines: multi-discipline tutoring, supplemental instruction, college study skills courses and academic advising. The ARC is equipped with experienced tutors who can proofread class papers or help with mathematics homework. Many students also utilize the ARC’s quiet office area to study and catch up on homework.

The last but certainly not least event on the list is Ice Cream with the Underwood’s and Movie Under the Stars. Ice cream be served, and students will have the opportunity to interact with Mercer President Bill Underwood.

Be sure to mark down each one of these on your calendar. Hopefully, this will help diminish some of the chaos. Remember not to get too overwhelmed. Enjoy each moment, because freshman year only happens once.