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How to Have a Happy Pal-entine’s Day

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Aliyah Dorsey, Lead Lifestyle Writer

January 30, 2019

As Valentine’s Day rolls around, many people are thinking about how to show that special someone they are loved and appreciated. However, if you don’t have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, here are five ways you can celebrate Pal-entine’s Day with your best buds. 1. Have a Night on th...

Mercer students and faculty share Valentine’s Day stories

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Whether embarrassing, sweet, or flat-out cringe-worthy, these stories from Mercer students and faculty made Valentine's Day a night to remember. 

Summer Perritt, Staff Writer

February 11, 2016

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people are scrambling to find the perfect gift, plan the perfect date and maybe even settle on the perfect person. Sometimes this day goes exactly as planned — whether it be on a date with a significant other or by yourself with a pile of romantic comedie...

New York Times podcast ‘Modern Love’ worth falling in love with this Valentine’s Day

New York Times' podcast

Katie Atkinson, Staff Writer

February 11, 2016

Love is in the air... or airwaves thanks to New York Times' relaunch of "Modern Love."

Redeeming Valentine’s Day: Fun gift and dating ideas for loved ones

Redeeming Valentine’s Day: Fun gift and dating ideas for loved ones

Laurel McCormack

February 9, 2011

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, which means singles are rolling their eyes and even couples are considering breaking up so that they don’t have to worry about topping last year’s date.  Why is it that the day of love causes such groans of despair? Before you dump your sweetie or begin planning a ...

Professors sitting in a tree

Professors sitting in a tree

Kathleen Quinlan

February 1, 2011

Every Feb. 14, everything is covered in pink and red and we are told to tell our significant others we love them. But we all know Valentine’s Day is a holiday created by the greeting card companies who exploited Geoffrey Chaucer’s association of love with the feast-day of a martyred Saint Valentine so tha...

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