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Macon campus sees changes and growth

Construction is underway behind MEP and Plunket Residence Halls.

Mary Lathem, Arts and Lifestyle Editor

August 14, 2015

Over the last several years, Mercer University’s Macon campus has transformed due to additions, such as the Five Star Stadium — home of Mercer’s football and lacrosse team — and the sprawling Cruz Plaza. Both of which were completed in 2013. Mercer continues to update its campus as i...

$40 Million to $50 Million Housing Project for Mercer Students

$40 Million to $50 Million Housing Project for Mercer Students

Jenna Eason

November 13, 2014

A $40 million to $50 million housing project is coming to Mercer University   . The complex is planned to be established across the road from the football stadium by the fall 2016. “It’s not just a housing development. It’s a full on retail, residential, commercial development,” Student Governmen...

Phase II of Lofts opens for student housing, prepares for new semester

Danielle DAuria

August 15, 2012

The long and anticipated wait for phase II of The Lofts to be completed is finally over. The building was finished on Aug. 1 and is move-in ready for both Mercer graduate and undergraduate students. Due to the great success of phase I of The Lofts and the high demand to live in this popular area, contractors...

‘Mercer Cribs:” A players’ pad

‘Mercer Cribs:” A players’ pad

Brittany Dant

February 23, 2011

Sidewalk chalk drawings beckon you up the concrete pathway that leads to the pink house of Mercer students Dani Ansley, Kyle Shook and Lauren Lunsford. “It’s so nice to meet you,”  Lunsford said as she opened the door to her gorgeous home. The fun and playful vibe of the outside of the hous...

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