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Opinion: Calling Macon “abortion-free” is misleading. Here’s why we need reproductive justice in Middle Georgia

Mary Katherine Wiley protests anti-abortion legislation with her son in downtown Macon this May.

Emily Rose Thorne, Digital Editor

September 26, 2019

There is a difference between “pro-choice” and “reproductive justice,” which holds that omitting the challenges that folks face trying to access even legal abortion is irresponsible. With Turner’s talk, I wanted less “pro-choice” and more reproductive justice.

Abortion issue sparks debate among students

Abortion issue sparks debate among students


March 30, 2011

Junior Kyle Shook chalked out his thoughts about abortion twice in the last two weeks — once on the sidewalk and once in a Willingham classroom. The first time came two Thursdays ago after Shook and a group of friends noticed a flurry of pro-life messages etched in sidewalk chalk across campus, then responded hours later with a counter-chalking demonstra...

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