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Review: Tall Girl is a cliché and eye-rolling experience

Review: Tall Girl is a cliché and eye-rolling experience

Mandi DeLong, Contributing Writer

October 16, 2019

The story conveyed is hardly a new one. Too many teenage romantic comedies feature an outcast girl who falls in love with the new student, deals with the antagonistic popular girl and has a childhood friend who is in love with her.

Review: Jordan Peele’s “Us” is unsettling in its honesty concerning America

Review: Jordan Peele’s “Us” is unsettling in its honesty concerning America

Micah Johnston, Contributing Writer

April 23, 2019

“Us” takes Peele’s knack for social commentary within horrific storylines to an entirely new level.

‘Zootopia’ provides insightful, but subtle, social commentary

As Disney's latest box-office-triumph,

Parker Van Riper, Opinions Editor

March 30, 2016

Disney’s “Zootopia” beat out box-office hit “Frozen” with a $73.7 million in their U.S. opening weekend. The evil has been defeated. Maybe now, people will finally let it go. But if you need more than just a couple million dollars to convince you that you’re not going to see just another ta...

‘Deadpool’ delights with R-rate hijinks

With its crude humor, gruesome action scenes, and foul-mouthed

Parker Van Riper, Opinions Editor

February 24, 2016

Here we go again — another superhero movie.  We are overrun with superhero movies right now.  Some are great, wonderfully written pieces . . . and some are not so much. Deadpool — the merc with the mouth — is not your typical superhero. Honestly, he’s not really a superhero at all. The...

“The Perfect Guy” offers an intense, believable thriller

Patric Michael Ealy captures high marks for his unsettling performance as the obsession-driven Carter Duncan.

Ireal James, Contributing Writer

October 14, 2015

Writers Alan B. McElroy and Tyger Williams have a way of finding horror in realistic situations.  They start with an everyday scenario, then ask, “but what if something goes wrong?” For instance, take their recent film “The Perfect Guy,” a story about a career-driven woman who finds herself ...

Latest “Mission Impossible” installment might be the best one yet

“Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation” showcases the acting chops and resilience of Tom Cruise, the film series’ centerpiece.

Marin Guta, Digital Editor

September 10, 2015

Tom Cruise may be 54 years old, but it’s hard to tell in “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation,” in which Cruise clings onto an airplane as it takes off, swims underwater without an oxygen tank and enters a high-speed motorcycle chase. The box office giant film series, a spinoff from a 1960s...

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