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Rylan Allen (top right) is running for SGA President with vice presidential candidate Natalie Yaeger (top left). Ashton Bearden (bottom right) is running for SGA President with vice presidential candidate Caleb Mills (bottom left). Photos provided by the Allen/Yaeger and Bearden/Mills campaigns.

SGA Presidential Debate: A guide to candidates’ responses

Micah Johnston, Sports Editor March 29, 2021

Note: SGA Vice Presidential Candidate Natalie Yaeger is employed by The Cluster as the Lead Lifestyle & Opinion Writer. This does not contribute to or impact our coverage of her relating to the race. As...

I tried no social media for a week

I tried no social media for a week

Ivy Marie Clarke, Arts & Culture Editor March 26, 2021

We live in the digital age. It is rare to come across someone who doesn’t have some form of social media. While apps like Instagram and Twitter can be useful for keeping us in touch with our loved ones,...

Sanaa Yusef and Nayahna Gordon hanging out on Cruz Plaza on Feb. 21.

OPINION: College students aren’t getting enough breaks without a formal spring break

Mandi DeLong, Campus Life Correspondent March 9, 2021
Back in 2017, the National College Health Assessment released a report that said over 50% of students experienced above average or tremendous stress. That was before anyone had even thought about COVID-19, pandemics or quarantines, so it really isn’t surprising to realize that the amount of stress that students are under has skyrocketed.
Finding inspiration after losing it

Finding inspiration after losing it

Lidya Dereje, Contributing Writer March 3, 2021
How can we find inspiration in a world that seems to exhibit no sort of stability? Here are six ways in which you can find inspiration after losing it.
Students can receive virtual counseling from CAPS.

CAPS addresses new mental health needs due to COVID-19

Lars Lonnroth, Staff Writer February 1, 2021
About a fifth of students visiting Mercer’s Office of Counseling and Psychological Services have sought counseling specifically because of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on their life, data kept by CAPS shows, underscoring the additional mental health challenges COVID-19 has caused at colleges across the nation. 
OCD Awareness Week is in October. It took me six years to get diagnosed

OCD Awareness Week is in October. It took me six years to get diagnosed

Serena Golden, Photography Editor October 18, 2020
It’s frustrating to hear my disorder used by people who like straight lines, organized closets or color-coded O-Chem notes. The phrase, “I’m so OCD,” used by people with normal neurotic quirks is invalidating to people whose entire lives have been changed by obsessions and compulsions. My disorder is not an adjective. 
Mercer students study in Tarver Library’s 24 hour study floor.

‘Blowing out a flame’: the danger of burnout on college campuses

Natalie Yaeger, Lead Lifestyle & Opinion Writer September 30, 2020
Burnout. We've all been there. Students are well accustomed to the “rise and grind” culture of college, but the need for some individuals to reach perfection or continue working through sustained stress in today’s world has created an even bigger emphasis on a term we hear so frequently. 
Experts say that half an hour on reputable news sites 
should be enough time for you to get the scoop.

Here’s how to unplug while staying informed

Emily Rose Thorne, Editor in Chief September 23, 2020
It’s helpful to limit our consumption of news and social media during such a tumultuous time, but it’s not realistic just to tune out all news and pretend the stressors don’t exist. Here are a few ways to stay informed while managing your mental health.
The Counseling and Psychological Services office is located behind Mary Erin Porter Hall on Mercer's campus.

Suicide Prevention Month: Helping others through understanding and education

Natalie Yaeger, Contributing Writer September 9, 2020
World Suicide Prevention Day is Sept. 10 and was created in order to provide an opportunity for people across the globe to raise awareness of suicide and how it impacts so many.
Free for use photo by Eric Mclean via Unsplash

How Mercer students coped with quarantine by revisiting childhood favorites

Mandi DeLong, Contributing Writer August 23, 2020
When Mercer switched to online classes for the rest of spring semester in March, many students went home to their childhood homes rather than remain on campus. During that time, a lot of them found themselves revisiting  their childhood interests. 
Mental health in the time of COVID: Tired, lonely and unmotivated….oh my! 

Mental health in the time of COVID: Tired, lonely and unmotivated….oh my! 

Natalie Yaeger, Contributing Writer August 21, 2020
Mental health struggles in the time of COVID-19 are something that is hard to explain, but it’s something many, if not all of us, have felt. The desperation for a return to normalcy, the feeling of being exhausted even when we’ve done nothing and the isolation from so many people takes a toll. 
How to stay busy during a quarantine

How to stay busy during a quarantine

Chance Allen, Staff Writer April 15, 2020
With the spread of COVID-19 and everyone spending almost all of their time indoors, it’s important to still keep the same pace that we did when we weren’t in quarantine. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself busy and focused.
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