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Congratulations to Los Lobos for being this year’s dodgeball champions! Also, congratulations to ATO 1 (Men) and Right-Knee Cripples (Women) for winning their respective leagues of Ultimate Frisbee! To go along with the recent theme of Halloween, Mercer teamed up with Wesleyan and Macon State to run the first annual Monster Dash 5K & 1-mile Costume Fun Run on Oct.[Read More…]

It is what it is: Raiders off winning path, Davis passes

It is what it is: Raiders off winning path, Davis passes

In the past few issues, we’ve been taking a look at teams who, despite being successful in the past, are now struggling franchises and teams who don’t live up to expectations. The first edition featured the Fighting Irish from Notre Dame, and last issue we looked at the Arsenal Gunners in the English Premier League. This week, we turn to[Read More…]

Mercer football set to have tryouts in spring

Some of the biggest success stories in college sports are those that deal with walk-on athletes. Walk-ons are students who were not recruited for that sport coming out of high school, and they enter try-outs in order to join the team. While Mercer’s football coaches are currently out and about on recruiting visits to drum up interest with high schools[Read More…]

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Coaching Spotlight: Bobby Lamb

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Mercer football location finalized

Mercer football location finalized

The symphony of bulldozers moving large amounts of dirt, clay and cement has recently added themselves to the soundtrack of life on Mercer’s Campus. To accompany the noise, a black fence has blocked off an area of through-traffic that connected the east side of campus to the west. Students and faculty alike have had no choice but to notice the[Read More…]

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‘Luck’ of the Irish?

Some franchises and athletic programs seem to have it all: tradition, success and ever-supportive fans. Other programs seem to have tradition that never translates into success, at the disappointment of their fans. Over the next few issues, I’ll be taking a look at a few different programs that, despite the expectations for their success year after year, the teams just[Read More…]