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Macon at night: Catcalling, harassment and why victims don’t report

A Mercer student walks across the street in Mercer Village late at night.
October 11, 2019
After being followed across campus by a stranger at 2 a.m., I asked Mercer Police if the office had collected any data on similar student experiences and asked two women about navigating Macon at night.

“Macon Peace”: Local organizations aim to decrease youth violence

Photo courtesy of Macon Peace
September 28, 2019
Organizer and creator of the community organization LJ Malone said he believes that the citizens of Macon desperately need a new approach to handling violence. He got the idea to start this organization while advocating for music artists in the Macon area.

Timothy Jones inspires journalism student

Timothy Jones grabs his music textbooks before his piano lesson with professor Ian Altman
November 7, 2015
Timothy Jones, a blind musician at Mercer, leaves an impression on student reporter

Cluster moving to CCJ

Cluster moving to CCJ
September 27, 2014

Last week Mercer’s student newspaper, The Cluster, moved from Connell Student Center to a new location. The office and headquarters of the paper is now in the Center for Collaborative Journalism. Emily...

CCJ and Macon-Bibb seek solutions to blight

August 27, 2014

When Angela Manson drives around the neighborhood in which she grew up, she can still remember familiar houses and their occupants. But many of those houses in Macon's Pleasant Hill neighborhood are...

CCJ event features writers Tom Junod and Charles McNair as guests

CCJ event features writers Tom Junod and Charles McNair as guests
April 4, 2014

On March 26, Tom Junod and Charles McNair made their appearance on Mercer University’s Macon campus to talk about writing, share their struggles and success stories and to introduce a technique of...

Mercer announces Center for Collaborative Journalism

Mercer announces Center for Collaborative Journalism
December 15, 2011

*Updated January 26, 2012 At the close of fall semester, Mercer President William Underwood announced an effort sponsored by the Knight Foundation to bring together professional journalists and students...

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