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COVID-19 pushes new advancements within the School of Music

Music student Melody Little receives instruction from Piano 1 professor Gail Pollock during the COVID-19 outbreak. Pollock also said that she disinfects the area with Pledge Antibacterial Surface Cleaner between classes.

Safia Serena Tejani, Contributing Writer

September 10, 2020

Ever wonder how an in-class mask mandate applies to singers and other musicians within Mercer University’s School of Music? Singers and other musicians are required to wear masks even while singing or playing their instruments — but how is that possible?

Marching Bears provide music community to Mercer students

Mercer's marching band plays at a game.

Lars Lonnroth, Contributing Writer

October 10, 2019

As a current sophomore in the Mercer marching band program, Willow Stuckey found a support system that helped her adjust to college and get through the issues she was having at home.

Girl Talk is partying, changing music forever

Girl Talk is partying, changing music forever

Jonathan Popham

October 19, 2011

Looking back on this beautiful weekend spent in Pensacola at DeLuna Fest 2011, I have a lot of bedazzling memories. Framed by the emerald gulf,  DeLuna Fest's crown jewel was Girl Talk. Pittsburg native Greg Gillis, also known as Girl Talk, left an engineering job to pursue a career in music. It is rare that I say th...

Here there be Little Dragon

A promo shot for Little Dragon

Stephen Kearse

February 9, 2011

The Masquerade is not my favorite venue. The bathrooms look like replicas of the bathrooms at Auschwitz, the bouncers are all middle-aged men with ponytails (isn’t that illegal?) and the crowd, no matter who is performing — be it hip-hop legend Pharoahe Monche or avant garde country artist Joe Nathan Tailor Swift (I made him up for the sake of this argument) —...

An interview with theKey

An interview with theKey

Eric Brown

February 9, 2011

Mercer-based modern rock group theKey recently won the Georgia Lottery All Access Music Search. I sat down with guitarist Jonathan Wisdom to discuss the contest, musical influences and a new record. Eric Brown: So, tell me about how the band was founded. Who are your main influences? Jonathan Wisdom: Okay. The band got started at Mercer,...

An interview with Andy Hull

Andy Hull posing for his solo project, Right Away Great Captain!

Eric Brown

February 3, 2011

Over the past four years, Andy Hull has established a record as one of the most talented and emotionally honest emerging musicians. As the frontman for Atlanta-based rock act Manchester Orchestra, his band’s brand of intricate, stripped-down and highly charged rock leads to a multitude of critical acclaim and an impassioned, firmly established fanbase. Thanks ...

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