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New project allows students to speak out about sexual assault

Emily Thompson (left)  prepares to film Junior Drew Winslett (right) for Bears Speak, a sexual assault and gender violence awareness campaign.

Marin Guta, Digital Editor

April 14, 2016

Mercer University junior Drew Winslett sat in a chair inside a dimly lit broadcast station with a printed copy of a story detailing an incident of relationship violence. But it’s not his own. Winslett is one of the student advocates for Bears Speak, a student-led sexual assault awareness video ...

Indie film ‘Not My Life’ documents reality of modern slavery

Indie film 'Not My Life' documents reality of modern slavery

January 30, 2015

“Not My Life” is a wake-up call. There exists a reality about human trafficking that is largely unidentified by the majority of the population. It is ultimately a crime that stems from archaic social structures. Yet, the practice has survived and is substantially present every day, all around us. It...

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