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A letter to Mercer students on drug awareness

Dear Mercer Students, I have thought of so many different topics to write op-eds about; some that will make you laugh, some to make you think; some will even make you ponder about where you are going in this great big world. Today though, I want to discuss something that I feel is growing worse on college campuses across the[Read More...]

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Caf hours inconvenient for athletes

There are roughly 2,300 undergraduate students who attend the prestigious Mercer University, and out of those 2,300, approximately 370 are student athletes. These student athletes have many privileges such as use of locker rooms, weight rooms and access to early admission. These athletes are treated very well in almost every aspect. There is, however, one factor at the University that[Read More...]

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Letter in response to ‘A note to Mercer’s music school’

I first off want to thank Parker Van Riper for the tasteful response to my article in the Feb. 19 issue of The Cluster. From what I’ve heard, she provided one of the more gentle responses to my article, and I appreciate that. With that being said, I need to apologize for two things. First, the purpose of my article[Read More...]

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Should athletic facilities be open to club sports and ROTC?

A rising desire among ROTC cadets and club sports teams has been to use an adequate weight room other than the Fitness Center, which is open to all students and staff in the University Center. As a cadet who has competed in the Ranger Challenge for our ROTC battalion, the use of a weight room with reinforced floors and rubber[Read More...]

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Mercer basketball crowds enthusiastic, classy

I had the privilege of chaperoning the bus trip down to Fort Myers, Fla. for the A-Sun Championship Game last week, and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with all of you who went. The bus rides were long, but so much fun, and everyone was well behaved on a Saturday night in Florida during spring break.[Read More...]

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7 candidates debate in GOP primary

On Saturday, March 8, the seven Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in Georgia met at the Anderson Conference Center on Eisenhower Parkway for a general policy debate. All seven candidates are vying for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat occupied by retiring Senator Saxby Chambliss (R). The winner of the Republican nomination will likely face Michelle Nunn (D) in[Read More...]

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