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A freshman steps on her scale.

How to avoid gaining the “Freshman Fifteen”

Aliyah Dorsey, Lead Lifestyle Writer September 9, 2019
In the presence of a stressful academic life and thriving social life, it can be hard to make sure we’re doing everything we can to stay healthy. Here are five ways to avoid the freshman 15.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a metabolic disease that affects between 5 and 10 percent of women, half of whom don’t even know they have it.

September is PCOS Awareness Month. Here’s what it’s like to get diagnosed

Emily Rose Thorne, Digital Editor September 9, 2019
My doctor told me everything I needed to know, but she also told me that it’s common for people to misunderstand PCOS. I spoke to a surgeon who specializes in reproductive surgery about the ins and outs of PCOS.
Macda Hailu (left) and Marcela Gaylen (right) wear leopard print and colorful scrunchies. Photo by Suzanna Arul

Five summer fashion trends to try this year

Aliyah Dorsey, Lead Lifestyle & Opinion Writer August 15, 2019
As the school year gets started, it’s the perfect time to switch up your style. Here's a look at what summer 2019 had to offer for fashion inspiration.
Graphic courtesy of Casey Colquitt

Mercer Fresh Prints changes the game

Mahima Sultan, Lifestyle & Opinion Editor August 14, 2019
Fresh Prints is a custom apparel company that aims to remove the corporate middleman when it comes to custom apparel for student organizations. The company works by selecting campus managers. One of these is none other than Mercer’s own Casey Colquitt. 
Joshua Dupaty, a fourth-year biomedical engineering major, spent his summer participating in a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program where he received an honorable mention for an outstanding oral presentation at the conference. Photo courtesy of Joshua Dupaty

What were the bears up to this summer?

Mahima Sultan, Lifestyle & Opinions Editor August 14, 2019
Over the summer, the bears left the den for three months — but what exactly were they up to during this time?
How To Plan for Summer Vacation

How To Plan for Summer Vacation

Aliyah Dorsey , Lead Arts & Entertainment Writer April 26, 2019

As the semester is winding down, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do this summer. There are so many adventures to be had under the summer sun that it's good to be prepared. Here...

“Bear Crossing” graphic

Senior Column: Why saying goodbye to Mercer feels just a little different

Katie Atkinson, Editor-in-Chief April 25, 2019

I would say I’ve been relatively good at saying goodbye my whole life. I moved frequently during my childhood, and on my last day of high school, I blasted music and tore out of the parking lot...

How to Be Safe Around Alcohol

How to Be Safe Around Alcohol

Blossom Onunekwu April 22, 2019

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, an awareness month especially relevant for college students. Between exams and pop quizzes and presentations, many of us take advantage of every party and getaway to loosen...

Sliding down the Coleman Hill slides is a must before you graduate and leave Macon.

Five things to do before you graduate from Mercer

Adelia Henderson, Copy Editor April 11, 2019

Your cap and gown are ordered, degree audit signed and the days are ticking away until graduation. The end of spring semester is always a trying time for students and can be especially stressful for seniors....

Brianna Levin destresses by coloring in the grass.

How to take a break during the end of the semester

Aliyah Dorsey, Lead Lifestyle & Opinion Writer April 11, 2019

When we get into the flow of studying it can be hard to realize when enough is enough. Taking the time to know when you’ve reached your limit can be tough and can make you feel like you’re being lazy....

Burger IM lets you customize each slider from a large selection of protein options and burger styles.

Bear Bites: Burger IM offers endless combinations of specialty sliders

Will Darragh, Staff Writer April 11, 2019

Everybody loves a good burger. With all of the burger joints in and around Macon, it is easy to go out and grab a great burger. But what if you could get gourmet burgers delivered? Burger IM, in Bonaire,...

For the annoyance category this prank requires a toothbrush, toothpaste, and food coloring to change the color of your victim's teeth.

You will Prank me later: Harmless April Fools tricks

Sterling Neill March 27, 2019

As April approaches, it is time for pranksters to gear up for their favorite day of the year. April Fool’s Day is usually a day when people play tricks on unsuspecting family, friends and strangers....

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