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Venture to “Paradise Valley” with John Mayer’s newest album

Paradise Valley

Kristina Pavlova

September 13, 2013

On Aug 20th, “Paradise Valley,” John Mayer’s newest musical creation, was released. Although I noted differences between “Paradise Valley” and his previous albums, Mayer’s familiar, serene tone remains the same. If you are looking for soothing music to listen to while studying or falling asleep, this album i...

Should meal plans be required?

Erica O'Neal / Cluster Staff

Kristina Pavlova

September 12, 2013

When coming to college, many incoming freshmen worry about food: where they are going to eat, how much it will cost and what kind of food will be served. At Mercer University, an unlimited meal plan is required for all freshmen, and it costs around $2,800 per semester. Although it is assuring to know that you can g...

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