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Mercer Maniacs: paint is for boys only?

Kirsten Brown

October 25, 2013

I attended the football game against Valparaiso Saturday, Oct. 12, and got to sit behind the wonderful Mercer Maniacs. This student organization works hard to fill the stadium with energetic students to cheer on our football team. They drove around on a golf cart giving out tickets to any student they...

Mercer might keep the bubble

Erica O' Neal / Cluster Staff

Kirsten Brown

October 13, 2013

In 2007, as the College Hill report explains, a Mercer student began the College Hill project to develop the area between Mercer and downtown Macon. The initiative received over $5 million in grants and awards with a mission to revitalize residential, business, community and historic characters of the Corri...

Mercer students need an on-campus pharmacy

Kirsten Brown

September 12, 2013

Recent advancement in medicine has produced a society in which many individuals regularly take easily obtainable prescription drugs, from birth control, to Adderall, to depression and anxiety medication. All of these examples prove especially important in a college setting. Birth control helps keep a...

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