Mercer Senior earns prestigious Fulbright Scholarship

Mercer Senior earns prestigious Fulbright Scholarship

Katelyn Armstrong, Staff Writer
April 19, 2015
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A Mercer senior was riding on the subway in Washington D.C. when he received news that would change his life. The subway entered a tunnel before the email could fully load, so all it said was “Fulbright Thornton (P).” As Thornton Brewer looked at his phone, he wondered if the email would say, ... Read more »

Meet Mercer’s visiting Fulbright scholar

Joshua Glasscock
February 20, 2014
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Natalia de Souza Sterci is currently Mercer’s visiting professor as part of the Fulbright scholar program. Sterci is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she studied during her undergraduate years in college. Sterci originally studied to be a translator, but she later decided she wanted to b... Read more »

Mercer’s Housing Crunch: Too many Bears for the den

Mercer’s Housing Crunch: Too many Bears for the den

Marin Guta
April 18, 2015
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When rising Mercer University senior Nora Essien told her parents that she may have to live off campus next year, they were worried. The 21-year-old business major comes from a low-income family where money is tight. Her father works long hours at a warehouse, and his meager salary goes to support... Read more »

The United States' high rates of unemployment lead to uncertain futures

Brittany Dant
October 19, 2011
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  A dentist appointment over fall break served as an eye opening experience for me this year. As if my hatred of the dentist was not enough, when I climbed into the dentist’s chair the dental hygienist asked if I was in school and what year. When I told her I was a senior she asked what my major... Read more »

Post-graduation plans take over students’ minds, professors excited that school is out for summer

Rebecca Reed
April 26, 2011
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Every year Mercer students and faculty have a set of post-graduation plans. This year, while graduating students are leaving after their four years here, a few teachers are also taking sabbaticals. Senior Rachel Velie plans to relax this summer before continuing her education. “I plan to take the summer... Read more »