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Thomas Redman, a Mercer freshman, was born without a right forearm, he tried on a full prosthetic arm for the first time Tuesday, designed specifically for him by a Mercer's Senior Design Team (Photo taken by Cluster Staff writer Sarah Pounds).

The Grape, the Egg, the Handshake and the Arrow

The goal was simple: create a prosthetic hand with robotic fingers for a theoretical patient. But then, one Senior Design team found a much more real patient that could benefit from their research. Thomas Redman is a freshman at Mercer University and he was born without a right forearm. He has a wrist where one’s elbow might be, and two[Read More…]

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Heroes v. Villians: Chemistry Edition

The auditorium of the Willet Science Center was packed with people of all ages, from professors to students to children of professor. The crowd consisted of a variety of disciplines, not just science majors. A line snaked out from the left wall, where people placed their votes for a raffle: Who would win, Heroes or Villains? The members of the[Read More…]

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Anti-sex trafficking awareness group educates community on how to prevent sex trade

Educating the community about sex trafficking in Middle Georgia was the main focus for Decoding Freedom’s event “Shine out Sex Trafficking.” The event took place in Tattnall Square Park April 7 and the goal was to educate community members on how to get involved in ending sex trafficking in the local area, as well as show attendees how to be[Read More…]

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Ron Lemon, board member for Friends of Tattnall Square Park, holds one of the bricks the Macon community can buy that will eventually become part of the new fountain.

Brick Campaign to benefit Tattnall Square Park

In order to make the new fountain in Tattnall Square Park aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, personalized bricks are being sold to complete the design. Ron Lemon, board member, helped set up a fundraising campaign of purchasing bricks to memorialize a loved one, business, pet or anything else. “We are always brainstorming ways to sustain the park,” Lemon said. “The park[Read More…]

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Senior Thorton Brewer wins prestigious Fulbright Scholarship (photo courtesy Thornton Brewer).

Mercer Senior earns prestigious Fulbright Scholarship

A Mercer senior was riding on the subway in Washington D.C. when he received news that would change his life. The subway entered a tunnel before the email could fully load, so all it said was “Fulbright Thornton (P).” As Thornton Brewer looked at his phone, he wondered if the email would say, “I’m sorry,” “You were selected as an[Read More…]

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Community Support for Soccer Player Continues

By now the student body of Mercer University has heard of Kim Murphy, junior soccer player whose parents passed away in February. For those who have not heard, Murphy’s father, Doug, passed away from an undetected stomach ulcer, followed by her mother, Cathy, passing due to a long battle with brain cancer. The response by students, campus organizations, and local[Read More…]

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