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President Wozniak addresses crowd of students that SGA will have revote for presidential elections.

SGA calls for revote for presidential elections

Students congregated at the Connell Student Center on Tuesday evening awaiting to hear the results for the Student Government Association elections — but soon discovered that SGA would call for a revote. “We have not looked at the results, we do not know who won — or who has how many votes,” SGA president Joey Wozniak said to the crowd[Read More…]

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Students express to SGA representatives and campus officials their concerns with student housing,

SGA flooded with housing concerns

SGA senate was packed Monday night as students came out to be part of the conversation about the lack of housing available for juniors and seniors. Representatives from the university came to try to respond to their concerns. The general consensus of Jeff Takac, the Director of Residence Life, and Scott Davis, the Provost, is that they are in a[Read More…]

(From left tor right) Taylor Jolly, Austin Harrison, Victoria Conley, Joey Wozniak, David Boggs and Tony Perella at Thursday's Presidential Debate.

5 Things: SGA elections, Koncert for Kim, Macon’s recording-breaking low temps. and more

Student Government Association elections The polls are finally open for the SGA presidential elections. The two tickets, Austin Harrison and Taylor  Jolly, and Tony Perella and David Boggs, will go head-to-head to earn the titles president and vice president. This year will prove to be an exciting matchup since Boggs and Perella are wild cards. Although Boggs and Perella don’t[Read More…]

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Paw Points disbanded by SGA

“Paw Points” program disbanded, taken over by Mercer Maniacs

The Paw Points program goal of motivating students to attend sporting events has largely been taken over by the Mercer Maniacs — and because of that, Paw Points are going away. “Everything that Paw Points would be doing, Mercer Maniacs pretty much does,” said John Morris, the Chairman of the Paw Points Committee. Originally, Paw Points was designed to increase[Read More…]

Women’s basketball ends season with loss in WBI semifinals

Women’s basketball ends season with loss in WBI semifinals

After a remarkable year for the Mercer Women’s Basketball Team, their season ended in Loudonville, NY against the Sienna Saints with a (65-54) loss. The Bears ended the season with a 20-15 overall record and truly displayed their worth during their first year in the Southern Conference. The Bears led the Saints by three points going into the second half,[Read More…]

‘First come, first considered’ — Why SGA’s Fiscal Affairs Committee only has $12 left from a $70,000 budget

‘First come, first considered’ — Why SGA’s Fiscal Affairs Committee only has $12 left from a $70,000 budget

The email came the Thursday before Spring Break, notifying every organization leader of the Fiscal Affairs committee’s recent reversal of fortune. “At this point of the year the SGA Fiscal Affairs Committee has allocated $69,988 of it’s $70,000 available, leaving us with a total of $12.00 in our Fiscal Affairs budget,” the email read. “To reiterate, we only have $12.00[Read More…]