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Suntrust Park Awaits

2014 Season: 79–83 (T-2nd in National League East; no playoffs) Coming off their worst record since 2008 (72-90), the Braves went 7-18 in the final month of the season. The Atlanta Braves finished the 2014 season on a low note. Not only finishing under .500 and not making the playoffs, but what remains to be seen is that September baseball[Read More…]

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A Fallen Halo: A Mortal Reminder

We idolize them when we are younger, and place them on a pedestal as we age. We view them as some sort of demi-god, as if they were born from some celestial body. We wear their jerseys, desire their autographs, and teach our children about them through folklore. In more ways than one, we live vicariously through their play on[Read More…]

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Forever to Know

I remember the day we met. I wore purple ribbons in my hair. They matched the baby bop t-shirt I was wearing. That we were wearing. We swore we would be friends until our hair were grey. Until old age made our voices shake. I remember when your grandpa died; we held hands throughout the wake. And when my dad[Read More…]

Photo credit The National Association of State Coordinators for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth.

Manifesto of Higher Education

A spectre is haunting higher education – the spectre of social stratification. Education remains the primary means of social mobility and decreasing economic inequality in our nation. In order to effectively deal with the issue of economic inequality, institutions of higher learning will need to leverage their resources and influence to make real and positive change. Expanding access is one[Read More…]

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Ask your Pharmacist

In deciding to pursue pharmacy, I had to address many of my friend’s misconceptions of this field, such as “Why do pharmacists need that much schooling to just bag pills?” and “Couldn’t a machine just do that job?” Likewise, I initially had perceived that pharmacists had minimal patient interaction and simplified their role to be merely proofreaders for doctors’ mistakes.[Read More…]

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SGA pulls the plug on Bear DVDs, which are Tarver Library's DVD section. 87 percent of them have been checked out three or less times this year.

SGA Report: Bear DVDs funding cut

In one of his first major acts as Senator at Large, Timothy Lewis pushed for the SGA funding of Bear DVDs to be cut, which means that the $500 that annually funded the program can now be used for other student concerns. Bear DVDs are the movies and shows in Tarver Library’s DVD section that have a bear paw on[Read More…]