It's 4-20, do you know where your Cheetos are?

It’s 420, BRAH! Know what that means?
That means high school students are required to listen to Bob Marley and smoke weed on April 20, yeah? Eh, close enough.
Actually, not really.
We all know at least one pothead, and if you actually talk to this person you probably know that his or her favorite day is April 20. But do you know why? 420, people!
There are a few rumors circulating as to what 420 means. Some people say it is the code that police officers use when they see a marijuana smoking in process. Not true.
An anonymous Mercerian who chooses to use the psuedonym Lavonte Crowder, guessed as to the reason for the season, saying, “It’s Bob Marley’s birthday. Somebody told me that.”
Bob Marley was actually born on Feb 6, 1945.
Another rumor is that there are 420 chemicals in weed. Not true: it’s actually around 315 or so.
The actual story of 420 origins goes a little something like this:
Back in the Fall of ’71, a group of five friends who called themselves the Waldos and attended San Rafael High School in California got word of a Coast Guard service member who could no longer take care of his plot of marijuana plants near the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard Station. The Waldos got hold of a treasure map and decided to go out on a hunt to find this patch of marijuana. Because of their busy extra-curricular schedules, they decided to meet up outside the school at 4:20.
Whenever the Waldos would see each other in the hallways they would remind each other by saying “4:20.” Each time they would meet up to look for the patch of marijuana, they would smoke the entire time they were out on their hunt. They never did find the patch of marijuana, but after using the phrase so often, 420 began to be the same as saying, “Hey, do you wanna smoke?”, “Do you have any?”, “Are you stoned right now?”
The term became popularized by the Waldos’ connection with the Grateful Dead. With the Grateful Dead on tour, the term 420 soon became a worldwide association with smoking weed. After the widespread acceptance of the term 420, a somewhat-secret weed smoking subculture was formed and is growing every year.
People who smoke weed are often thought of as slow-witted with bloodshot eyes and have a bad case of the munchies. Comedian Sheng Wang has a sketch about these stereotypes. Sheng Wang says, “the word ‘munchies’? It’s just too damn cute to describe the actual horror that happens. Sounds like baby talk. Highly inappropriate. It’s like saying this dude’s not a killer. Nah, he’s just got a bad case of the stabbies.”
To combat blood shot eyes, Sheng Wang started using Visine. He says, “That is a powerful drug. I thought it was just an eye moisturizer, but Visine will change the color of your eyeball, like, instantaneously. I did a test one time. I put Visine in one eye, JUST one eye. I looked in the mirror and did a side by side comparison. Control group *points to right eye* was red, as per usual. Test subject *points to left eye* was white, but like Way. Too. White. Like between the two of them, this one *points to left eye* was more suspicious. This one *points to right eye* was like, ‘maybe I have allergies.’ This one *points to left eye with Visine* was like, ‘Bi*ch, I ain’t smoke nothin’!’”
A handful of Mercer students celebrated national weed day. One anonymous cannabis connoisseur said, “I try to celebrate the holiday every time it comes around. Started when I was about 14.” When asked about how the holiday is celebrated, the student said, “Really, 420 parties usually just involve too much food, trampolines, and YouTube videos of fractals.”
Another anonymous 420 fiend who wants to be referred to only as Django Smithsonian said, “420 is utter debauchery. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria. Whatever Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters.”