Tebow-less era has fans disgruntled, betrayed

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I’ve been following the Gators as long as I can remember. I’ve stuck by them in the tough years of Ron Zook. I’ve handled Steve Spurrier having a few rough years. I even watched as the greatest player in college football history didn’t win a third national championship. Yes, Tebow is the greatest player to have ever played the college game. No, he is not the greatest quarterback to have done so, but he is the greatest player. This NFL season has shown those same traits come to the forefront, as he just keeps winning. While the Broncos might not make the playoffs, Tebow has them in a position to make it, but that’s neither here nor there.
We were 4-0. We were tied at 10 after one quarter, with the best team in the nation, at home, on Oct. 1. The eventual 38-10 loss comes after QB Brantley got knocked out of the game on a pick six that turned the game on its head. Brantley stays in the game, Gators might be 5-0 headed to LSU on Oct. 8. Even if we still did not win, that game does not end as a 38-10 beat down. The second largest crowd in Florida Field history (90,888) would have not gone home so dejected.
Even then, Brantley would have had confidence, and my Gators might have survived to fight for an SEC East title as opposed to limp to a 6-6 finish overall, 3-5 in the SEC. Yes, we rushed worse than a high school JV team, but Brantley had us in the game. For the critics who say Brantley finished the season abysmally, I say look at the injury as the real issue here. His highest QB rating of the season –against FBS opposition– came against Alabama in one half of play (176.6). Brantley’s career was ruined by a series of dirty and vicious hits by Courtney Upshaw. What a jerk.
Anyway, Alabama should beat LSU in the supposed rematch, if it happens. LSU did not win the game in Tuscaloosa; Alabama lost it. Those four field goals were not blocked, and LSU did not perform like an offensive powerhouse. I hate saying this, but that devil Nick Saban will probably win another national championship. If only Courtney Upshaw had not been a jerk and KO’d Brantley, we might be in the running too.
Urban Meyer is up there with Upshaw too. This was pitiful to watch and hard to swallow. You run away because you lost Tebow, and then, you head to Ohio State because they offer you lots of money. You’re a sellout. So much for your family time and promises to your family to calm down, you are a great follow-up to what Jim Tressell let happen at a once-prestigious university. I hope you realize that your words mean nothing. I honestly feel sorry for your family, that you promised you would spend more time with following the retirement. Except you got a traveling job with ESPN and then made them move again, this time to Columbus, Ohio.
I’m not even going to deny that Georgia is looking good. It’s been a frustrating year, to see all of our rivals…wait. Tennessee isn’t going bowling? FANTASTIC. Miami isn’t either? AMAZING. Yes, we’re 6-6, but at least we have our integrity. We got rid of Cam Newton for stealing and cheating. That was a great move by us. I’m glad that he went pro and left amateur sports.
I miss Charlie Strong and Dan Mullen. Phenomenal guys. Strong has turned Louisville back around and on the verge of their first BCS bowl in five years. Mullen had a tough year, but Mississippi State is going bowling, a rare feat in Starksville.
Florida State and Georgia did better than us. That hasn’t happened in the same season since 2004. Ouch. Basically, Will Muschamp has brought us down to levels lower than Ron Zook. What’s worse: my girlfriend being a massive Seminole fan or my fraternity brothers being diehard Gator haters? It has been rough.
It’s even worse when the punter runs for a touchdown on you, but at least that was called back. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you didn’t see the massacre at LSU by the Tigers committed against the Gators.
At any rate, I’ve had one great memory of this college football season. TCU beat Boise State on the Smurf Turf. That was pretty awesome. I love the mid-majors, but I hate Boise. I can’t stand them. Even before Urban came from Utah, I was rooting for Utah to break into the BCS. However, I just really hate the Broncos. I like Lane Kiffin better.

At least Mercer will have a team soon. With the way Florida is playing, the Bears could pull the upset! (Ok, not really, but it’s nice to dream).

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