August 2011

Another summer has come and gone, and books have begun to arrive at Mercer students’ doorsteps. Along with the bundle of fresh faces swirled in a mix of returning upperclassman, the lingering option of Greek Life recruitment begins its usual persistence.

As the school calendar turns over, incoming freshman look for acceptance as some familiar faces look for a change of their routinely pace.

Greek organizations offer many pros and cons to all students alike but may be suitable more so for some than others.

The Greek population at Mercer consists of 26 percent of the overall student body and is made up of 17 Inter/National Greek Organizations (Eight fraternities associated with the Interfraternity Council, four sororities of the Panhellenic Council, and three sororities and two fraternities of the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Having been around for 132 years, Greek Life at Mercer’s compact Macon campus has been a staple and a large part of being a Mercerian for those past and present.

Aside from the usual stereotype of Greek organizations, being “Greek” signifies more than just being a large part of the student body. It also ensures a person’s activeness in the community and on campus.

Just a year ago, Greek organizations raised over $80,300 and contributed over 10,000 hours of service to the community. “Some students weighing their options to go Greek believe going through recruitment might have a negative effect on their grades, but in many cases that is quite the opposite effect. Between the formation of study groups, joint lab hours and help from their peers, it can improve their studies,” said Director for Campus Life and Greek Life Carrie Ingoldsby.

A year ago, Greek members compiled a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.155. That is a few percentage points higher than that of the remaining student body.

To go along with a new close knit group of friends, joining a Greek society at Mercer could also help in the overall growth process that comes with the college experience from both peers and those who once walked in new students’ shoes. It can be its own form of personal networking through on-campus activities or outside world connections with alumni and fellow members alike.

“I think the long-lasting friendships established in Greek Life are what make it truly great. Everyone is close and always has someone they can reach out or talk to,” said Assistant Director for Campus Life and Greek Life Cindy Drury.

Although maybe not for everyone, Greek Life offers the opportunity for some hands-on job experience in their everyday lives. Whether it is through fundraising events, educational programs or community service activities, being a member of these organizations offers knowledge that may be harder to come by otherwise.

“Finding a group of people with similar values including a willingness to serve others and high academic standards can be difficult in college but Greek life provides that opportunity for many students,” added Ingoldsby.

While many positives go along with Greek Life, sacrifices will more than likely have to be made as well. Whether it is finding time for outside friends or activities, making space for weekly chapter meetings or affording the monthly dues, Greek Life may not be the easiest of choices for those in certain situations. Even though Greek organizations offer many positive opportunities, there are many other ways that students can get involved in everyday events. Non-Greek affiliates can still participate in student-run organizations, SGA office, intramural events, etc.

“If I could give some words of wisdom to those who are on the fence about recruitment, I would say ‘DO IT’. Recruitment is an experience of a lifetime and a lot of fun whether you decide to join an organization or not. We pride ourselves in having societies that do not pressure anyone to do one thing or another,” said Drury. “Recruitment is a good way for fraternities and sororities to showcase their values and morals. Each chapter is unique in their own way and they are always excited to show potential new members what their chapter is about,” she added.

If any Mercer students wish to go through this fall semester recruitment process, they are required to fill out an application either online or in the Greek Life Office located on the top floor of the Connell Student Center. All requirements for eligibility and applications for Greek members can be found at

Deadlines for sorority applications are Aug. 29. Fraternity deadlines are before recruitment on Aug. 24 through Sept. 3 (Dates may vary). For more information, contact the Greek Life Offices by calling (478)301-2987 or via email at

This fall, Mercer will begin work on Lyceum, a university-wide initiative to encourage learning, service and action within the Mercer community.

The program aims to create a central program, known as a “lyceum” to plan university-wide events that follow the theme of morally transformative learning, service and student life.

Mercer Lyceum also hopes to make a permanent tradition out of the developing pattern of hosting at least one major university-wide conference on the Macon campus.

The conference and other associated events will revolve around the recently approved biennial theme of “Rebuilding Democracy.”

“This theme was chosen in part out of distress at the signs of breakdown in American civility and the effectiveness of our democratic processes, and in part to encourage our students and others to deepen their own sense of identity as citizens and their commitment to spend their lives engaged in civic action on behalf of the common good,” said Dr. David Gushee, Distinguished University Professor and member of the Leadership of Lyceum Planning Board.

Dr. Doug Pearson, Vice President for Student Affairs, believes the theme works perfectly for the programs that Mercer hopes to develop. “What students do outside of the classroom is just as important to us as what they do in the classroom,” he said. “We don’t want to simply graduate good student – we want to graduate students who know how to make a difference in their communities and in the world.”

The intent of a centralized theme is to provide a focus for classroom and co-curricular activities.

According to Pearson, the Lyceum concept developed from the success of previous conferences held at Mercer like the Torture Conference, the Caring for Creation Conference and the S.T.O.P. Conference.

“These all were stimulating, thought-provoking programs that were tied with service and action,” Pearson said.  “Our communities experienced a real change due to these programs.  Lyceum simply seeks to institutionalize this concept over two year periods of time based on a selected theme. “

One of the first programs Lyceum is planning for Mercer is a student voter registration campaign that will begin the first week of school. The unofficial goal of the campaign is to achieve 100% registration on campus.

As part of the campaign, SGA and Student Life will work with Peer Advisors and Residence Life to emphasize the importance of voting. The program is focused heavily on freshmen, with tables set up in the residence halls during move-in day, but all Residence Assistants will have information for upper-classmen living on campus.

SGA President Jordan Locke said he is very excited about working with Mercer Lyceum.

“Rebuilding democracy we feel is especially applicable to our organization because democracy is the crux of why we exist,” Locke said.

Gushee emphasized that Mercer Lyceum is not specific to any part of the university but belongs to Mercer as a whole.  “The model we have developed involves collaborative event planning and also the co-branding of events that individual units do and wuld like to have associated with the theme,” he said. “Anyone who is planning a lecture and wants a co-branding with Lyceum is encouraged to contact any member of the Lyceum team to make that happen.”








The beginning of summer often signals a break for most school-aged children, however, college students don’t seem to get that opportunity anymore. They spend their summers interning, traveling the globe, taking summer classes, working, and performing a host of time-consuming activities. With such a busy schedule, it can be easy to overlook some of the glamorous sporting news of the world. Here are some sport’s headlines you might or might not have heard about this summer:
NFL Lockout Grinds to an Eventual End.
What Happened: Professional football in the United States was virtually non-existent for the 132 day labor lockout that began in early March. The cause of this lockout was, of course, financial in nature: the NFL players and owners disagreed about how the estimated $9 billion dollars in annual revenue should be divided between the two sides. The lockout eventual ended on July 26 with a new labor agreement.
What It Means: First and foremost, the new labor agreement means that there will be professional football for at least another 10 years before any future labor negotiations take place.  It also brought several changes to the NFL status quo, most noticeably that rookie salaries will now be capped (thankfully, Cam Newton got a jump-start on his salary in college). However, the extended absence of summer practices means that fans can expect some relatively sloppy football for the first few weeks of the season.
NBA: “We want to have a lockout too!”
What Happened: As predictable as any James Bond movie, the same plot that unfolded in the NFL is playing out in the NBA this summer because of its own labor disagreement. NBA owners and players find themselves at an impasse as they argue about how to divide the league’s revenue. However, this disagreement seems much deeper than the one in the NFL as approximately 73 percent of NBA franchises find themselves in unsustainable business models caused by extremely high player salaries. In layman’s terms, franchises have been losing money every season for years now. So, while the NFL owners and players eventually resolved their differences, all signs point to this lockout lasting for a very long time.
What It Means: Foreign basketball leagues, rejoice! A plethora of basketball stars appear ready to join foreign basketball teams in countries such as China, Turkey, and England this coming season. Ron Artest, Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade, and Deron Williams are just a few of the players that seem ready to play overseas. As for the fans, sorry guys, it is what it is. This labor conflict isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the 2011-2012 season is likely to be suspended or possibly even suspended.
U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Claimed Second Place at World Cup.
What Happened: The Lady Yanks showed excellent heart and resilience in the early rounds of the tournament as they battled back to beat Brazil and advance to the semi-finals. After a convincing 3-1 victory over France to advance to the finals, the USWNT seemed like a team destined to win their first World Cup since 1999. However, after being unable to finish numerous chances early on in the final against Japan, U.S. fans knew something was amiss. Sure enough, after losing two leads, on during regulation and the other during overtime, the U.S. went to penalty kicks against Japan and lost 3-1.
What It Means: Back to the drawing board for the U.S. While they had a good tournament, the competitiveness in Women’s soccer has grown quite a bit in the past four years. The U.S. will need to work even harder if they want to remain ranked as one of the top three nations in the pool.
The Atlanta Thrashers Get the Boot.
What Happened: The Atlanta Thrashers struggled financially for several years. A prospective buyer offered to buy the franchise. The Thrashers agreed. They decide to move north of the border. Problem, solution, agreement (take note, Congress).
What It Means: Atlanta loses its only NHL team, but not many Georgians seem to care about the Thrashers, as indicated by their third-to-last attendance ratings this year. With the Thrashers gone and the Atlanta Hawks not likely to use the Phillips Arena this year, it seems the owners will need a new source of revenue.
Fan Returns Money Ball.
What Happened: Derek Jeter reached the fabled 3,000 hits mark this summer by hitting a home run on July 9. One lucky fan, Christian Lopez, grabbed that home run ball that had an estimated worth of $250,000. Yet, instead of selling it for the money, Lopez decided to give the ball back to Jeter in honor of his accomplishment.
What It Means: It seems this is one guy who has the right idea. Thankfully, the New York Yankees gave Lopez several autographed jerseys, balls, and bats as well as premium box seat tickets for the rest of the season to repay him for his kind deed.
 Texas A&M Wants to Join the SEC.
What Happened: Texas A&M announced that it wants leave the Big 12 to join the SEC. If all goes through, they will begin playing in the SEC in 2012.
What It Means: This is big news in the college football world. What does it mean for A&M? Well, they will now be the only Texas school to play in the SEC. That will be a huge recruiting and popularity boost to the program. What does it mean for the SEC? The addition of Texas A&M to the SEC means that the league will be looking to add another team to its conference to even out the numbers. Current speculation indicates that Clemson and Florida State are frontrunners. It looks like the nation’s most prominent sports conference is about to become a whole lot more dominant.

As most Mercerians begin to settle in for the beginning of another semester, Mercer’s men and women’s soccer teams have already been on campus for quite some time as they get prepared for the beginning of their seasons. With a load of returning talent on both squads, the Bears seem poised for success.
The Lady Bears soccer team completed a historic season last year as they became the first Mercer women’s soccer team to advance into the NCAA tournament after taking first place in the Atlantic Sun Conference tournament. The Bears appear ready to build upon that success as they look to once again win their conference tournament and finish first in the conference during regular season play.
“We have many talented incoming freshmen that are playing well, as well as a strong core of returning players. I think this team is talented enough to accomplish these lofty goals, but it will be a fight each and every game for them to become a reality”, stated returning Lady Bears senior Vanessa Breslin.
The Lady Bears will indeed have to work hard for their results this year as they have a very difficult non-conference schedule that includes the likes of Georgia, Florida State, and Georgia State. However, these matchups will likely benefit the Lady Bears since it gives them the opportunity to play against some very high-quality opponents before conference play begins.
Also, the Lady Bears have looked good so far this preseason as they competed in their first exhibition match Aug. 13 against the College of Charleston. The match resulted in 2-2 tie as they displayed excellent buildup toward the end of the match. The exhibition also allowed several of the Lady Bears’ talented freshmen to gain some valuable match experience.
The Lady Bears kick off their season with a home game on Aug. 19 against Jacksonville State before traveling to States.

Mac-Town eateries

The Cluster's Alicia Landrum tells you the best places to eat in Macon

Summer is usually the prime time for new music. As with blockbuster movies, bands and record labels like to wait until peak times to put out a sure-fire hit. But unfortunately for you, I haven’t been reviewing music for The Cluster this summer, and you’ve been missing out on my sage wisdom. But now you can catch up to speed with this handy list of the best records to come out this summer.

Death Cab for Cutie — Codes and Keys: As the ninth major release from these indie giants, Codes and Keys might cause some concern for longtime fans. After all, other bands have faded into mediocrity in half the time Death Cab has been around. But Codes and Keys is an absolute gem of an album, perfectly marrying the band’s atmospheric instruments and catchy melodies. Album closer “Stay Young, Go Dancing” is a particularly beautiful testament to new love. Buy this album.

Bomb the Music Industry! — Vacation: The latest release from the bizarro punk collective, Vacation stays true to the band’s frequently insane roots. 8-bit keyboard lines, random ska interludes, and electronic stops and starts all punctuate the record, which stands as one of the most memorable punk albums of the decade.

Wugazi — 13 Chambers: Let’s face it. We all love mashup projects, especially when they combine sources as disparate as Fugazi and the Wu-Tang Clan. A collaboration between DJs Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy, the project expertly drops the rhymes of RZA, Ghostface Killah, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Raekwon over the music of post-punk legends Fugazi. It’s much more self contained than projects like Girl Talk, but it’s always magical hearing these two worlds collide.

Bon Iver — Bon Iver: This self-titled sophomore effort might go down as the best record of the year. Intimate, haunting, and emotionally moving, Bon Iver expands their signature folk-tinged sound, incorporating a veritable orchestra to flesh out these beautifully crafted confessionals.

F*cked Up — David Comes to Life: The Canadian art punks make their triumphant return after The Chemistry of Common Life. David… is ostensibly a concept album about working class London youth, but you don’t need to follow the liner notes to understand the album’s raw, uncut power. Standout tracks include the blazingly fast “Queen of Hearts,” and the surprisingly melodic “A Little Death.” Like a modern day rendition of Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come, F*cked Up is reinventing punk rock, and it’s absolutely thrilling to hear.

Laura Stevenson and the Cans — Sit. Resist.: Though she is a longtime member of Bomb the Music Industry!, Stevenson’s solo outings are much more refined affairs. Stevenson’s latest album is a step up from her debut, A Record, with songs ranging from upbeat rockers to sad, soft folk numbers.

Des Ark — Don’t Rock the Boat, Sink the F*cker: Chapel Hill native Aimée Argote sure likes to take her time. The aggressive singer/songwriter, performing under the name Des Ark, put out her last record all the way back in 2006. But whatever her reasons for the creative hiatus, they must have been good, because Don’t Rock the Boat… was definitely worth the wait. Argote is alternatingly vicious, emotional, and reserved, but she’s never boring.

Foster the People — Torches: This is dance music at its finest. The electronic act’s debut record Torches is full of instantly memorable singles, including “Helena Beat.” and “Pumped up Kicks,” both of which will have you shaking your ass for days on end.

David Bazan — Strange Negotiations: Since his days in the dour emo duo Pedro the Lion, David Bazan has been known for his sharp, insightful lyrics. His latest solo record ruminates on politics, religion, and death with the cynical tone fans have come to expect, all while exploring new musical territory.

You, Me & Everyone We Know — Things are Really Weird Right Now: This record is short, but it wins on catchiness alone. Things… is a unique and original pop-punk masterpiece. Unfortunately, the band seems to have broken up right after its release. Bummer.

Greetings Mercerians, new and old! Welcome to Macon! With a new year upon us, now is a time for discovery— local discovery. Whether you’ve been an undergrad for seven days or seven years, everyone can find something new in this ever-changing city.

For starters, don’t be scared of Downtown. Only a mile and a half from Mercer’s main campus, downtown Macon has much to offer. The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom is perfect for Friday  night outings, as are other clubs like Element and Bottom’s Up. Check out the great weekly farmer’s market on Mulberry Street every Wednesday, featuring produce from local farms and vendors from local businesses. As far as restaurants go, you can’t go wrong with Dolce Vita for a light bite or the best deep dish pizza in town. I also must suggest the Rookery for a killer burger made with grass-fed beef. For something a little classier, try the Tic-Toc room or Luigi’s. But for my personal favorite guilty pleasure, keep an eye out on Friday nights, when the stars align to bring the always glorious food trucks, sent by Zeus himself to round out your First Friday.

As far as navigating the College Hill Corridor — the area stretching between Mercer and Downtown — the best way to travel is by bicycle. Sure, you can drive, but convenient parking is an issue. Ironically, you can spend a greater amount of time driving somewhere because of the time spent finding a parking space. The Corridor, as it is affectionately called, has strategically placed bike racks in some of the most commonly traveled areas. If you don’t have a bike, or you need to get your old bike serviced, there are three bike shops in town. There is Cherry St. Cycles which sells new and pre-owned bike next to Nu-Way on Cotton Avenue, Bike Tech, specializing in high-end racing bikes on Vineville Avenue, and the Bike Store, conveniently located next to campus. Trust me, paying for gas gets old quickly. Plus, it’s much easier to avoid the freshman 15 with a vehicle that runs on fat instead of cash.

As far as other attractions go, Macon has many unique places to visit, such as the Hay House, a seven floor Italian Renaissance home built in the 19th century and Terminal Station, designed by the same architect who planned New York’s Grand Central Terminal. If architecture isn’t your thing, be sure to check out Washington Square Park off of Magnolia Street for something a little more peaceful. There is always something new to go see in Macon, especially on campus. The Backdoor Theatre features multiple stage productions per year, and the School of Music constantly has something brewing from Opera’s to classical string recitals. There’s also a new IMAX theatre located off of Zebulon Road.

As there are so many wonderful and exciting things to find, I cannot list them all here. The most important thing I can suggest, above all else, is to explore. By searching for new things during your time here, you can become the engine that drives this city.  Our home here is always changing. It has so much to offer, but it still has room for improvement. Above all, it needs people. Young people. People who wander. Those people keep the city alive. You can make it better by being part of it. We want you here. We want you to succeed here. We want you know us, and we want to know you. Come join us, and you won’t regret it.


New bikes for bears

Mercer's Bear Bikes program returns for the 2011-2012 school year

Mercer students will have access to affordable rental transportation through Bear Bikes, an initiative supported by the Student Government Association.

Heather Bowman-Cutway, advisor to the Student Environmental Association, organized the program along with Jordan Locke, SGA president. College Hill Alliance and Club Cycling enthusiasts sustained the transportation movement.

A recent grant made available by the Knight Foundation allowed Mercer University to purchase 30 new bikes. Riders of all experience levels will find bikes equal to their comfort level. User-friendly cruiser bikes are available for the beginner biker, in addition to road bikes and mountain bikes for more advanced riders.

Bear Bikes will be expanded in response to demand and student interest; it is intended to create a culture for cycling, instead of a few solitary riders on campus.

For a $30 membership fee paid once each semester, interested Mercerians can sign up August 23 through the 26. Bikes, locks and helmets will be handed out pending availability the following week on August 31. Dues go towards maintenance and necessary repairs of the bikes.

Service will be provided by Cherry Street Cycles, located downtown in Macon. Any problems should be reported to Bear Bikes student workers, and if necessary, staff can transport the bike to Cherry Street Cycles.

Turned in every week, the bikes will be stored in the breezeway of Connell Student Center, and by purchasing a membership, students have unlimited rentals.

Previous rental bike programs did not succeed because of cost and inconvenience. Carrie Ingoldsby, Director of Campus Life and Student Involvement, is confident that Bear Bikes will succeed. Responsible for the facilitation and advertising for the program, Ingoldsby remarked on the rentals: “I hope students enjoy [Bear Bikes] and take advantage of it.”

According to the Bear Bikes website, where information is available for students who must be aware of all rules and regulations, the purpose of the program is, “to help create a campus culture of cycling while reducing the number of cars used by students.”

Many college campuses mandate that incoming freshmen leave their cars at home due to the lack of parking. This a problem Mercerians have undoubtedly faced in recent years. Locke suggested riding bikes as an alternative, easy way to get across campus or explore what Macon has to offer.

“Mercer should be more supportive of downtown,” Locke commented, noting that biking would supply a safe and fast way to travel instead of walking or driving. He hopes that the campus-driven program will provide a niche for students.

Bear Bikes will be marketed to Mercer students, especially freshmen, as a relatively cheap, convenient transportation option that is not only easy on your budget, but better for your health and the environment.

Mercer has made a number of changes to reduce its environmental impact, along with bike racks to encourage the relatively new mode of transportation and recycling receptacles located around campus.

Interested students can find more information, rules, regulations and sign up forms at

In 2010, the Philadelphia Eagles went 10-6 and won the NFC East. Although they lost in the first round of the playoffs to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers, the Eagles by all accounts had a successful season. Just two years removed from prison, Michael Vick re-emerged as an NFL superstar by having the best statistical season of his career. Appearing in just 12 games, Vick accounted for 30 touchdowns and a career-high passing rating of 100.2. Vick threw for over 3,000 yards and ran for over 650 yards while throwing just 6 interceptions. He finished second in the MVP voting behind New England’s Tom Brady.

Accompanying Vick, running back LeSean McCoy ran for over 1,000 yards and had nearly 600 receiving yards, reminding many of former Eagles’ do-it-all running back Brian Westbrook. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson continued to make his case for being the most exciting player in the league with his aptitude for the dramatic. Jeremy Maclin emerged as one of the top wide receivers in the league, and Pro Bowl corner Asante Samuel finished with an NFC-high 7 interceptions.
Had the Eagles not added to their already stout roster, many NFL experts would have dubbed the Eagles as a Super Bowl contender; however, the Eagles worked the offseason perfectly by adding several superstars to their roster.

The Philadelphia-based squad acquired Pro Bowl corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2012 second-round pick from the Cardinals in exchange for backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. More importantly, the Eagles added this year’s most coveted free agent, Nnamdi Asomugha. Regarded by many as the best cover corner in the league, Asomugha is capable of shutting down any receiver in the league. Teaming these two superstar corners with Pro Bowler Asante Samuel gives the Eagles the greatest cornerback depth in recent memory. As NFL offenses have begun to run heavy amounts of three and four wide receiver sets, the Eagles’ cornerback depth will prove invaluable this season.

Additionally, the Eagles signed Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin, former Miami running back Ronnie Brown, and former Texas standout quarterback Vince Young.
Before even playing a down for his new team, Young proclaimed the Eagles the “dream team.” Although many NFL players took offence to this statement, Young’s proclamation holds true. There has not been an NFL team with this much stardom and firepower since the Dallas Cowboys teams of the early 90’s.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Michael Vick the person, everyone is a fan of Michael Vick the football player. He does things at the quarterback position that no one else in the league can do. He is undoubtedly the most exciting player in the NFL. DeSean Jackson, perhaps the most explosive wide receiver in the league, has touchdown celebrations that are must-see-TV. LeSean McCoy has become one of the best dual threat running backs in the league, and double-digit sack artists Jason Babin and Trent Cole will surely deliver again in 2011.

Because of Vick’s resurgence, Philadelphia is the place players want to be. Management has delivered, and coupled with the coaching genius of Andy Reid, the Eagles look to be well on their way to Super Bowl Champions. Despite all of the new acquisitions, the success of this season rests squarely on the shoulders of Michael Vick. Vick’s style of play often sees him taking big hits, but in order for his team to go all the way, he will have to withstand these hits and exceed his magnificent 2010 performance.  The NFL is a quarterback league, and as we have seen with the success of the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers, superstar quarterbacks win championships. Is Michael Vick ready to take the next step and win the ultimate prize? I believe so, but Vick staying healthy and on the field have to be the Eagles’ biggest concerns this season.

Although they did not want or need any added pressure, Vince Young’s comments put the Eagles squarely in the spotlight. Clearly, Young’s comments are accurate; the Philadelphia Eagles are the NFL’s “dream team.” Like the Miami Heat, the Eagles have a plethora of superstars and big names; however, Miami was unable to deliver on their championship guarantee. Will the Eagles meet a similar fate, or will they prevail? Ultimately, the play of Michael Vick will determine the team’s success. So sit back and enjoy watching this Eagles juggernaut. Oh, and Vince, let the stars of the team do the talking!

Make way for another exciting year with the annual intramural leagues. Designed with all the student body in mind, these programs have all kinds of sporting activities that can suit the taste of even the pickiest of Mercer sports enthusiasts.
Coming this fall, Mercer offers season-long leagues of soccer, football and volleyball. If that weren’t enough, the Intramurals program also offers tournaments of three-on-three basketball, ultimate Frisbee, tennis, table tennis, and the sport that tells of the tale of underdogs, dodgeball.
As the program has developed through the years, it is now required for any participating members to sign up for an account on before participating in these events. The team captains can sign up and create his/her team by visiting the website as well. Once a team has been created, a captain’s meeting will be held before the start of the season in order to explain the overall rules and regulations of the event. Once teams have been briefed by their team captain’s on how the sport and leagues are to be played, games will begin.
To go along with the obvious camaraderie that intramurals bring, the events carry a sense of competition and edge like nothing else. Whether it is the friends becoming foes or foes becoming friends, there is nothing like stepping onto a field or court a few times a week with peers that sit alongside us in classrooms.
This fall, whether you are a fan of futbol or American football, one thing is entirely certain, days are going to come, days or going to go, games will be played and champions will be crowned.
Sign up for intramurals today at and take a step closer to garnering the all-desired championship t-shirts.

Entry Dates:
Deadline to register is Aug. 29.
Playing dates (tentative) are Sept. 1 to Oct. 4.

Deadline to register (tentative) is Oct. 5.
Playing dates (tentative) are Oct. 10 to Nov. 21.

Deadline to register (tentative) is Nov. 9.
Playing dates (tentative) are Nov. 15 to Dec. 8.

3v3 Basketball – Sept. 7
Ultimate – Sept. 21
Tennis Singles – Oct. 12
Table Tennis – Oct. 19
Dodgeball – Oct. 26

Fall 2010 Champions:
Co-Rec: Phi Delt &
Phi Mu
Men’s Comp: ThatsWhatSheSaid
Men’s Rec: TalkinBout      Rampage
Women’s: Chi Omega

Co-Rec: ADPi/ATO
Men’s Comp: The Has Bens
Men’s Rec: Public Enema
Women’s: WANTED

Co-Rec: A-Sun Champs
Men’s Comp: ATO
Men’s Rec: Circle the Wagons
Women’s: Phi Mu