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5/4 Music Space to empower Macon Musicians

Andrew Eck, 5/4 Music Space Co-owner, stands next to historical piano at the business' brick in mortar on Walnut Street.

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Andrew Eck, 5/4 Music Space Co-owner, stands next to historical piano at the business' brick in mortar on Walnut Street.

Ireal James, Staff Writer

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The 5/4 Management Group, who recently launched 5/4 Music Space on Walnut Street in Macon, Georgia, is seeking artists who are interested in enhancing their musical talents in a major way.

5/4 Management Group is a team of music professionals who collaborate to serve the developmental needs of new and experienced songwriters and musicians.

“We want to cultivate and promote musical art. We want to give artists a place that they can express themselves and have avenues to make themselves successful through their art,” said Andrew Eck, co-owner of 5/4 Management Group, in an email.

Eck majors in engineering at Mercer and said he believes incorporating the 5/4 Music Space in Macon will give artists a facility to further develop their musical careers.

Eck is joined by partners Mike Miller, George Murray, Bradley Lenz and Marc Whitten who are each personally interested in the Macon music scene.

Once they noticed the lack of music spaces for artists around the Macon area, the group decided to start its own.

The group’s incubator, 5/4 Music Space, launched in January and is located at the former Tubman Museum building downtown.

As of now, it accommodates 10 bands who use the facility.

“It beats anywhere else in Macon. This place is the best,” said Josh Garner, lead singer and rhythm guitar player in the band Failing Acts of Society, while in a rehearsal session at 5/4 Music Space.

Through self funding and with the help of Friends of Macon Music — an incorporation that supports facilities for live music, new music and the cultivation of new artists in Macon — the space will act as a platform for artists who want to see their musical potential grow.

Eck said the 5/4 Music Space plans to work alongside the revitalized Capricorn Recording Studio that is expected to launch in Macon soon.

“We are the precursor to the Capricorn Incubator. So we’re trying out a lot of ideas that are going to be implemented at Capricorn to figure out what works and what doesn’t,” Eck said.

Until then, the group is searching for artists who show interest in a space that provides recording studios, rehearsal rooms and music management. The space provides 24-hour access at a monthly rate.

Eck said he encourages anyone who is interested to utilize the space whether they are musically inclined or not.

Eck said there will be an upcoming Corner Concert event that will take place at the space Saturday, April 23.

“If you’re a musician, come to the space, bring your instrument and jam out with us, perform in our open mic nights, get connected with other bands,” Eck said. “Everyone else, we would love for you to support the musical arts . . . It needs to be seen and heard. That’s when art truly becomes alive, when their is audience interaction.”

For more information on 5/4 Music Space contact Andrew Eck at

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  1. Jerry Habersham on June 15th, 2016 9:57 am

    This mission is so timely, it aligns with my goals and purposes as a musician. I will visit your space as soon as possible. Please send information on membership.

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5/4 Music Space to empower Macon Musicians