Artistic innovators show off art and gadgets at Make-End Festival

Summer Perritt and Katie Atkinson

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  • A clay workshop attracts kids who want to get their hands dirty and learn a new skill.

  • A festival-goer participates in the "stunt jump," an interactive workshop that shows how movie stunts are done.

  • The "library on fire" booth displays memorabilia from this years "Burning Man". This is a movement where thousands of people meet in the deserts of Nevada, build a city, and burn it down each year.

  • Dr.Jeremy Barker, from Mercer's Engineering department, talks about his side-business, Personify--a service that offers 3D-printed replicas of clients.

  • A couple of guys listen to a demonstration on robotic drumming.

  • A young girl shows off her creativity, weaving ribbon and cloth through an interactive loom display.

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The Make-End Festival  celebrates “makers” or people who create original art, craft or technology-based works at Make-End Festival at Tattnall Square Park.

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