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SGA calls for revote on presidential elections

Marin Guta

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President Wozniak addresses crowd of students that SGA will have revote for presidential elections.

President Wozniak addresses a crowd of students gathered at Connell Student Center that SGA will have a revote for presidential elections.

Students congregated at the Connell Student Center on Tuesday evening awaiting to hear the results for the Student Government Association elections — but soon discovered that SGA would call for a revote.

“We have not looked at the results, we do not know who won — or who has how many votes,” SGA president Joey Wozniak said to the crowd of students. “Because we’ve had some concerns about the integrity of the process … we will have two more days of voting.”

The polls will reopen at 12 p.m. on Wednesday and will close Friday at 12 p.m., Wozniak said. The results will be announced at Connell Student Center on April 3 and then it will be posted online, according to SGA vice president Victoria Conley.

“Basically, there were concerns that were brought up,” Conley said on why there was a decision to have a revote,  “We were concerned whether the numbers were as fair as possible, and we decided to start over with a clean slate to make sure that both tickets had an equally fair chance.”

Conley said that the senators and faculty who were in charge of handling the votes for the election decided not to look at the results before making their decision.

This was done so students wouldn’t think they were manipulating the results, Conley said.

“We want to make it as fair as possible for both tickets who are running,” Conley said.

(Update: Conley said that at this time SGA cannot comment on what was the direct catalyst for the revote. Concerns brought to SGA’s attention caused Wozniak, senior senator Raymond Partolan,   both presidential tickets and Dean of Students Dean Pearson to consider having a revote. All parties unamiously agreed that having a revote would be the best option, Conley said. )

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  1. chauncey_g on March 31st, 2015 8:32 pm

    FWIW, I’d say there’s a great follow-up story here for anyone who wants to pursue it. What happened to the votes?

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SGA calls for revote on presidential elections